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What you see is what you get, that's how i'm thinking of making my travel blog look like, nothing extra, nothing less, just as it is. Simple, yet meaningful..

bah. enough of the crap.

For starters, this is not going to be updated very frequently as I do not have a very good habit of updating my blogs, but well, I'll try to update it as often as possible, of course if i happen to go around town or somewhere interesting in the first place.

Travelling is sort of like a hobby to me, as a student, and financial constrain, I couldn't do much travelling. Photography is a passion, and very often i find myself looking thru the whole vacation through the viewfinder of my camera instead of enjoying the journey. Not to say it's a bad habit , but certainly it's not a good one either.

well, guess i should stop here and write something interesting.

okie, I'm from Malaysia and most probably you know where is it. If you don't, you might know where the world's tallest Twin Tower is situated, and yes, that's in Malaysia. I'm staying in the capital, Kuala Lumpur ( muddy delta in english ).

May 13th, Sunday. It was a pretty good morning as it was a clear day. Good for photography at least, no clouds. It was an impromtu decision that me and my girlfriend decided to visit Batu Caves, a cave just situated 10km from my house.

Upon reaching Batu Caves, one would spot the Golden Lord Murugan's Statue welcoming visitors to batu caves.

Yes, there's 272 flights of steps up before one could reach the cave. and indeed it was a feat to achieve to hike up the stairs with my tripod and gears. not to mention stopping every few steps to shoot. ( apparently those shots are not good enough to be shown here)

next, I'll let the photos do the talking.. ( i literally run out of words to say. )



and of course ! being a cave and with the surrounding mountain, you ought to have monkeys. These menace are pretty brave as they are used to visitors and they can be pretty aggresive.




After shooting and make my prayers to the Hindu temple in the Cave, I left the place with satisfaction.

( i know this is crappy writing, but it's 1:18am in the morning and i'm sleepy, so bear with me )

ps: you're very welcome to comment and ask any questions in my blog, i'll try my best to help and answer the questions asked, be it on photography, or on the

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